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Playboy: Let the online games begin

With "Playboy: The Mansion," players can direct virtual photo shoots by selecting a babe, an outfit and a camera angle. Images: Under the covers of 'Playboy: The Mansion' Photo: The next sexy phone?

Would you fancy wearing the bathrobe of adult-entertainment icon Hugh Hefner?

It's now possible, at least in the virtual world. Playboy has released a simulation game, "Playboy: The Mansion," that lets players live the life of the Playboy founder.

The game, developed by Cyberlore Studios and released by Arush Entertainment and Groove Games, allows players to assume the identity of Hefner. They can throw parties for imaginary high-profile guests, including models, and direct photo shoots by selecting a model, an outfit and a camera angle to create a cover or centerfold.

Players can also collect reward points that will give them access to Playboy archives of magazine covers, photo shoots and art.

"Playboy: The Mansion" is available at retail outlets throughout North America, Arush said. Suggested pricing is $49.99 for the PlayStation and Xbox versions, and $39.99 for the PC version.

The game's debut comes close on the heels of other Playboy forays into video entertainment for handheld devices. Last month, the adult entertainment specialist released a gallery of 25 PG-rated images for Apple Computer's new iPod Photo device and revealed its plans to develop adult content for cell phones.