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Official AT-AT dog costume turns Fido into furry war machine

Carry your "Star Wars" action figures into battle on a dog dressed in an officially licensed AT-AT walker costume.

AT-AT dog costume
Go forth, you mighty metal beast!

Fan-made AT-AT walker dog costumes have been around for years. George Lucas' minions have taken notice of the inordinate demand for dressing mutts up like heavily armored Imperial Army land vehicles.

That brings us to the officially licensed "Star Wars" AT-AT pet costume. It comes in two parts with a bodysuit and a headpiece. Sizes range from small (for Sith Shih Tzus) to extra large (for Wookie Wolfhounds).

The official version may not have quite the same charm as a homemade Wampug, but for $19.99 it's a quick way to get your pampered pooch ready for Halloween or just regular everyday dog walks.

The AT-AT is quite a bit sleeker-looking than the Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and Yoda costumes that make the front of your dog look like a little person. I'm thinking the small size might even fit on a cat.

My dream is to one day see a cat wearing an AT-AT costume lounging around inside this massive AT-AT cat condo. Be still, my geeky heart.

(Via Fashionably Geek)