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DogTV encourages your canine to be a couch poochtato

You can stuff your house with chew toys while you're away at work, or you could subscribe to DogTV, a television channel full of programming for entertaining bored mutts.

DogTV is available on a variety of devices, including smartphones. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

There's nothing my mother's dog likes more than chilling out on the couch, eating popcorn (yes, the human kind), and watching a movie. If he finds out about DogTV, a television channel designed for canine viewers, we'll never hear the end of it.

DogTV is a full-time channel available through the Roku platform or online streaming for $9.99 per month. It's full of programming with a pup purpose.

Some of it is geared for relaxation, so you'll get shots of dogs stretched out and napping in gorgeous natural settings. Some is designed for stimulation, so you get videos of dogs fetching balls, diving into pools, and tussling in the park with a jaunty soundtrack.

There's also a content category called "Exposure." "Using the most advanced veterinary science, special sounds and visuals help comfort and habituate dogs by exposing them to different day-to-day stimuli," according to DogTV. This means sequences of dogs doing activities like politely greeting the mailman at the door and taking rides in cars.

While DogTV sounds like it's geared for the same humans who religiously visit CuteOverload, it's also supposed to be used as a soothing companion for stay-at-home dogs who might otherwise be bored or anxious.

Maybe there's something to this. I know one of my cats will happily watch PBS nature specials on birds and fish. Television has shown itself to be a popular, if over-used, babysitter for all kinds of creatures.

I would approach DogTV much like you would with a human child. Limit the viewing time and make sure Fluffy McFluffersons still gets his quota of walkies and real play time.

DogTV content still
This dog is a good role model for your dog. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET