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Notion Ink Adam tablet taking preorders

The long-awaited Notion Ink Adam tablet begins preorders today, with models priced as low as $375. Orders are limited to people registered on the Notion Ink blog. Units will ship in early January.

Photo of Adam Android tablet.
Preorders for the Notion Ink begin today for a select group of registered users. Notion Ink

A select group of registered users on Notion Ink's company blog will be given first crack at preordering the company's long-awaited Adam tablet today.

The heavily optimized Android-based tablet comes in six models, ranging from a $375 Wi-Fi version with a standard LCD, up to a $549 version using 3G and the coveted Pixel Qi screen technology.

If you're new to the Adam, the mythical tablet sports an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, a 10-inch screen, a unique rotating camera, and a head-turning design. More importantly, the high-end models are one of the first to offer Pixel Qi touch screens, which blend backlit LCD and e-ink display technology.

The company has also made some waves with its Eden variant of Android, which addresses many of the complaints over Android's lack of tablet screen size optimizations.

For the lucky, preordered Adam tablets should arrive around January 6. With any luck, ordering will then be open to mere mortals.