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Notion Ink tablet first with Pixel Qi display

Android-based tablet boasts cutting edge display technology that works in bright environments and uses 90 percent less power than conventional panels.

Notion Ink
Notion Ink

While the world awaits the birth of the Apple tablet, there is another touch-screen device that may have more of an impact--at least technologically. Notion Ink has announced that Adam, an Android-based tablet PC, will ship in June 2010 for around $325. However, what is really exciting is that this machine may be the first to sport the new 10.1-inch Pixel Qi display.

What's the big deal with Pixel Qi technology? While it can perform like a standard LCD display, the Pixel Qi panel has a low-power transflective display, which allows ambient light to illuminate the screen, and an e-paper mode. The latter resembles a black-and-white e-reader and is meant to be used under bright environments. This allows the Nvidia Tegra machine to consume 90 percent less power than conventional panels.

We are not sure if this device will make its way outside the U.S. but, hopefully, the Pixel Qi will start making an appearance on more machines.

(Source: Crave Asia)