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No fair! Nintendo Switch customers in Japan get to customize their colors

Nintendo customers in Japan get to pick and choose the controller colors that come in their Switch bundles.

It's good to be a Nintendo fan in the company's home country of Japan. Customers who preorder its new Switch console on the Japanese My Nintendo Store get to customize the controller colors included in their bundles. One catch, if you were thinking of importing: You need a Japanese Nintendo account to do this.

The Nintendo Switch is a risky gambit for gamers. It promises to bridge both console and mobile gameplay, made possible by the device's modular design. But the Switch is expensive and comes with only a handful of games at launch. Besides which, companies are having a hard time making devices with mix-and-match parts work. Offering the ability for some customers to personalize the Switch's parts may be one way to drum up loyalty.

Customers in other parts of the world, like the US, are able to preorder either an all-gray Switch bundle or a half red, half blue mix. Order through the Japanese store, however, and you're able to choose between four different colors (red, blue, gray and black) for both left and right Joy-Con controllers and straps.


The Japanese Nintendo Store lets you choose what colors are included in your Switch bundle.


That means customers in Japan are able to create unique color combinations like all-red or all-blue that are not yet available elsewhere, plus they exclusively get a black option. It's not know whether this will be available globally later on, but it seems pretty likely that new colors will be released in the future.

Additional colors and accessories are sold separately on the Nintendo Store site. Be sure to check out CNET's hands-on with the Joy-Con controllers for all our thoughts.

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