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New Sony PlayStation 3 is slimmer, has 12GB flash memory

Sony has put the PlayStation 3 on a diet, revealing a slimmer model with more memory -- and a 12GB flash model.

There's a new Sony PlayStation 3 in town! Sony has put the popular games console on a diet, revealing a slimmer model with more memory -- and a flash model with a lot less memory.

Unveiled in Tokyo, the new PlayStation 3 is smaller and lighter, with a new ridged top and sliding disc panel on the top instead of a slot-loading mechanism.

Here in the UK, we're getting a version with 12GB of flash memory, ideal for anyone who doesn't need vast hard drives full of movies and games. If you watch Blu-ray or DVD discs, or stream your movies rather than downloading, this version could be for you. And you can plug in a hard drive for more legroom.

If you do need the space for your films, games and DLC, the new model has increased storage across the board -- the PlayStation now comes with a choice of 500GB or 250GB of space, replacing the current 320GB and 160GB versions.

The current PS3 Slim model has been around for a whopping four years, which is a global ice age in technology years. The new PlayStation announced today is 25 per cent lighter than the previous model, and half the size of the original released seven years ago. Sony also says it consumes less power, dropping from 200W to 190W.

The new model hits shops on 28 September, with the 12GB version coming on 12 October. US versions come with bundles including Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception or Assassin's Creed 3, while UK prices and details are yet to be revealed.

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