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NBA 2K17 is doing something the franchise has never done before

Watch a new video and get all the details on NBA 2K17's "The Prelude."

2K Sports today announced something totally new for the NBA 2K series. "The Prelude," as it's being called, is a free downloadable NBA 2K17 app for PS4 and Xbox One that lets players make MyCareer choices before the full game comes out on September 20. The Prelude will be available on September 9.

As you can see in the announcement trailer, players can use The Prelude to create a character as part of what 2K is calling the "ultimate sports RPG." You can choose your position, select a play style (options include "shot-creator," "sharpshooter," and "glass-cleaner," among others), and define your character's physical attributes like height and wingspan.

Also returning this year for NBA 2K17 is college gameplay. You can start your career at a number of schools -- Arizona is featured in the video, but other options include UConn, Kansas and Louisville, among others.

If you play well in college, your NBA "draft stock" will improve, leading to your eventual signing with a pro squad. Be sure to stick through to the end of the video, as there is also a tease for the the United States Olympic team, which will be featured in the game alongside the 1992 Dream Team.

NBA 2K17 releases for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on September 20. You can play four days early by preordering the game. You also get some digital content such as virtual currency if you preorder.

The Dream Team isn't the only squad being added to this year's basketball game. The Australian Boomers will also make their way to NBA 2K17 when it releases later this year.

This year's cover star is Indiana Pacers forward Paul George, but if you want to spend extra money, you can get the Legend edition, which comes with Kobe Bryant on the box and digital and physical goodies based on the former Los Angeles Laker.