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Warner Bros Movie World embraces The Evil Within

As part of its annual Fright Nights event this October, Warner Bros. Movie World has a horror maze based on the upcoming game The Evil Within from Bethesda.

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For six years now, each October has seen Warner Bros. Movie World on the Gold Coast host Fright Nights: a series of horror themed mazes and events that take place after the park's usual opening hours.

This year, a maze based on the upcoming horror game The Evil Within will run alongside similar installations based on Jack the Ripper and the film Wolf Creek 2.

The game comes from the twisted mind of Shinji Mikami, the 'father' of the Resident Evil series, and the maze creators worked with publisher Bethesda and developer Tango Gameworks to ensure the experience was authentic to the title.

CNET dropped by for an early look at The Evil Within maze and chatted to the maze designer Chris Grew about what attracted him to the idea of turning the title into a horror-theme attraction.