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Mother's Day gift ideas for health nuts and fitness buffs

Workout gear that won't cramp her style and healthy eating essentials that'll help make mom's life easier.

Josh Miller

If the mom in your life is obsessed with staying fit and eating healthy, here are a few gift ideas that'll help energize her routine and satisfy her taste buds. Of course you don't have to spend any money or wait until Mother's Day to show you how much you care, but these certainly won't hurt your cause.  

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Disclaimer: CNET may receive a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

Best fitness tracker under $100: Fitbit Inspire HR

Chris Ozer / Fibit

The Fitbit Inspire HR is a great first tracker for moms looking to keep closer tabs on their activity. It's sleeker, more stylish and a lot cheaper than a full-fledged smartwatch with a lot of the same basic functionality when it comes to working out. Plus you don't have to charge it as often, the battery lasts up to five days. It comes with swappable rubber wristbands that can easily be changed out for different colors or materials to give it a completely different look. It automatically tracks sleep and workouts including swimming, which means you can take it off the deep end with you. Bonus points for women: it even tracks your menstrual cycle.

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Splurge-worthy smartwatch: Apple Watch Series 4

John Kim/CNET

If mom is a serious tech fan (and owns an iPhone), consider gifting the Apple Watch Series 4. It's a great fitness companion, and if you get the LTE version, it even pulls double duty as a phone. Mom can download apps, make payments, stream music and take calls right from your wrist, even when she's out pounding the pavement sans phone. The Apple Watch comes in gold, silver or space grey and has plenty of strap options to match her style. And it has some serious health chops beyond basic fitness tracking: It notifies you of high or irregular heart rhythms that could signal potentially life-threatening conditions like atrial fibrillation, has a built in electrocardiogram (ECG) feature and alerts your emergency contacts if you've taken a bad fall.

The downside: a shorter battery life (it only lasts about two days on a charge) and high $399 starting price tag (add another $100 for the LTE version). But if you're looking to spend less, there's always last year's Series 3 Watch which shares a lot of the same great features and can be found on sale for as little as $199.

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Best fully wireless earbuds: Jabra Elite Active 65t ($150)

Sarah Tew/CNET

Apple's new AirPods are great, but they're not sweatproof and they don't offer a tight seal. And Samsung's new Galaxy Buds are fine too, but they don't offer the best sound quality. That's why we're still loving our Editors' Choice fully wireless headphones, the Jabra Elite Active 65t. Available in five colors, the Jabras offer superior sound quality, and the sweatproof 'buds offer a tight seal during workouts (or any other activity). They work equally well with iPhones and Android phones, and the quick-charge feature allows you to get an hour and a half of juice from a 15-minute charge. They're a great pick for any active mom.

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ClassPass: Help mom discover her perfect workout (starts at $45/month)

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Forget boring gym subscriptions, because a ClassPass will give mom a lot more workout options to choose from. A monthly membership gives you access to hundreds of gyms and studios around the country with everything from cycling classes, pilates, bootcamps and meditation. Instead of being tied down to just your neighborhood gym, the app lets you filter results by time, workout type and location so you can see what's going on around whenever inspiration strikes. You can gift any amount you want on its site, or sign mom up for a membership. New members get a free two0week trial, and can then choose between the $45/month option which gives you access to up to four classes, $75/month for up to six classes or $135/month which comes out to 12 classes.

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Green Chef: Healthy meals for busy moms (about $75/week)

Green Chef

Cooking healthy takes commitment, planning and a lot of time out of mom's already crazy schedule. Green Chef can help her take the guesswork out of meal prep by providing all the elements she needs to whip up healthy options in less than thirty minutes, delivered right to her doorstep. Diet restrictions are not a problem, you can choose between vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, pescatarian, omnivore, keto, or paleo meal options with all the perfectly portioned ingredients you'll need to make dinner for the entire family. And rest assured that you're fueling up with good stuff, all the ingredients are USDA certified organic. A weekly meal plan which includes three meals (two portions) costs around $75 (including shipping costs), but varies by meal plan and food type.  

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Best double duty workout pants: Athleta Velocity Stash Pocket Crop ($89)

Josh Miller

Forget fanny packs and clunky arm bands. If Mom likes to workout with her phone, these pants are the way to go. They look just as good as her favorite form-fitting leggings, but they have a stealth phone pocket on the side that can hold just about any phone in place during a run or gym class. Check onsite for other styles and colors with a stash pocket if these don't quite fit the bill.

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Splurge gift for healthy moms: Vitamix 7500 ($480)

I wouldn't normally recommend gifting a kitchen appliance for Mother's Day, let alone a blender, but the Vitamix is one of those rare exceptions that makes the cut, especially if Mom likes to start her day with a healthy dose of vitamins. The Vitamix is so powerful it can turn just about any fruit or veggie (or pretty much anything you can think of) into a well-blended beverage that will make those healthy greens a lot tastier. It's the most expensive item on our list, but over time it may end up being cheaper than buying your own green smoothie at the local health food store, which can cost up to $12 a pop (at least in San Fransisco). Plus she can whip up a bunch of other healthy recipes like soups, sorbets, nut milk and even her own peanut butter. If the price is too steep, you can always check out their refurbished models on their site which sell for about $350 less.

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