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Midsommar horror movie is so scary it's keeping people up at night

One New York viewer tried to buy cocaine at the theater to get her through the movie.

Need your beauty sleep? Then don't go see the new horror movie Midsommar, which apparently is so scary it's keeping viewers up nights.

Midsommar involves creepy events taking place at a Swedish folk festival. As of Friday, it has an 81 percent "certified fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has gotten "generally favorable" reviews on CNET sister site Metacritic.

But it's not getting such great reviews from those who need to catch some zzzzzs. Numerous viewers have posted on social media that the disturbing movie is playing havoc with their need for sleep.

"I've never been so interested and disgusted by a film at the same time. I can't sleep," wrote one.

Now, the word is spreading. "Off to see Midsommer tonight. Didn't want to sleep anyway," wrote Luke Chandley on Twitter.

Things got even weirder in New York. The official Twitter account for the Brooklyn Alamo Drafthouse theater tweeted that one Midsommar viewer asked staffers there if she could "buy cocaine" to get her through the movie. (Her friend reacted to this news by flashing the theater staffer.)

Midsommar opened Wednesday in the US and UK, and comes to Australia in August.