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Microsoft's Xbox One E3 2013: Join us June 10 (live blog)

Join CNET for live coverage from Microsoft's E3 event at 9:30 a.m. PT Monday, following our 30-minute pregame commentary. Our live blog will bring you the latest news updates, photos, and more.

Microsoft's Xbox One gaming console. James Martin/CNET

Editor's note: At its E3 event, Microsoft announced the Xbox One will be released in November for $499. For the key points from today's announcement, check out our summary post here. For more on the Xbox One games that Microsoft announced, go here. Also, see our story on the new, smaller Xbox 360.

Think of this as Microsoft's Xbox One presentation, take two.

Just weeks after Microsoft unveiled its next-generation video game console, the company is back at it again at this year's E3 conference. The press conference begins at 9:30 am P.T. on Monday, June 10. We'll kick off the live blog about 30 minutes early to get things warmed up for the big reveals.

CNET's live coverage of Microsoft's Xbox One E3 conference

Join CNET editors Jeff Bakalar, Eric Franklin, Josh Miller, and myself as we bring you all the live news, commentary, and photos from the event. We will also embed the E3 presentation into the live blog itself, so you won't have to go anywhere for your total Microsoft fix.

While Microsoft unveiled the hardware and talked a lot about the Xbox One's entertainment capabilities last month, it has yet to talk about what most gamers want to hear about: the actual games themselves. The software titan is expected to dive into its lineup for the next-generation console, and make its case for why it is superior to Sony's own next-generation PlayStation 4, which will get its own big conference treatment later the same day.

Also anticipated is a potential price cut to the Xbox 360, which is in its last legs as the premiere console for Microsoft.

Microsoft is attempting to use the Xbox One to dominate the living room, positioning its console as more than just a video-game machine. Instead, the company has focused on the entertainment aspects of the large device.

The stakes are high as Microsoft and Sony will likely release their next-generation consoles later this year in an environment when some are questioning the need for more hardware, and customers are increasingly gravitating towards mobile games on their smartphones.

CNET will use ScribbleLive to bring you live text and photos. Stay tuned for more.

This original version of this story was published June 5 at 9 a.m. PT.