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Microsoft, Mythic settle name dispute

Game publisher Mythic Entertainment settles a tussle with Microsoft over the software giant's use of the name "Mythica."

Game publisher Mythic Entertainment said Tuesday that it has settled a dispute with Microsoft over the software giant's use of the name "Mythica." Mythic said Microsoft has agreed not to use the term "Mythica," and several derivations, in future online games and won't try to trademark the term either. In addition, Mythic said Microsoft will transfer the domain name and certain other rights to the Mythica name in exchange for an "undisclosed consideration."

"We are very pleased with the settlement of this suit," mythic Entertainment CEO Mark Jacobs said in a statement. "In the end, we got exactly what we had asked for from the beginning: the right to use our Mythic name and registered trademark without infringement." Mythic had charged in a lawsuit filed last year that Microsoft's Mythica was infringing on Mythic's trademark.