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Long-rumored Amazon console set for 2014 at sub-$300 -- report

The console will run on Android and allow players to both stream and download games to the console, according to's sources.

Lance Whitney/CNET

Yet another company is getting into the console space sometime this year, according to a new report.

Amazon will launch a console later this year that will run on Android and allow for both streaming and downloading games, gaming news/reviews site reported, citing multiple sources. It's not clear what kind of games will come to the console, but VG247 says that Amazon has been showing publishers popular Android and iOS games as demos for the console.

Although VG247's sources don't say for sure when the console will launch, those folks confirm that it will launch sometime this year. The hardware will join a growing number of consoles attempting to steal the home-gaming market from the big three, including Ouya, Valve, and others.

Amazon has been rumored to be working on an Android-based console for months. The device, according to previous reports, will run on mobile-chip technology and rely on Amazon's cloud services to work. The VG247 report says that the console will launch for less than $300.