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YouTuber Logan Paul buys Timothy Leary's LSD ranch for $1 million (plus a buck)

Turn on, tune in, drop big cash on real estate.

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Timothy Leary poster

Leary on a poster from the '60s.

A. Jones/Getty Images

YouTube personality Logan Paul has purchased a famous California home. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Paul has bought Fobes Ranch, once home to the late psychologist and counterculture figure Timothy Leary, who helped popularize the 1960s catchphrase, "turn on, tune in, drop out" and advocated the use of LSD. 

Paul, who's 24, paid $1,000,001 (yes, a million and one dollars) for the home, The L.A. Times says. He also owns an estate in Encino, California, purchased in 2017 for $6.55 million.

The Chronicle notes that Leary and his followers, The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, ran "an LSD operation" at the ranch in the 1960s. "The ranch became a compound where a machine popped out LSD tablets called Orange Sunshine," the newspaper notes.

A blog post on the Pacific Sotheby's International Realty site doesn't shy away from the property's unusual history.

"This often unpredictable group would later operate vegetarian soup kitchens, oppose the Vietnam War and preach to others that the regular use of LSD would create a more sensitive human race," the blog post notes. Around 30 members lived at the compound, which inspired the Moody Blues' 1968 song "Legend of a Mind." Narcotics agents raided the property in August 1972 and shut it down, the post says.

The secluded 80-acre property itself is located in the San Jacinto Mountains, 2.5 miles from Los Angeles, and features a 2-bedroom, 1.5-bath main home with additional buildings including a 500-square-foot-studio, 660-square foot workshop, two-bed bunkhouse and barn.

Paul has 19.9 million YouTube subscribers. In 2017, he received a public condemnation from YouTube and criticism from viewers for showing footage of a dead body when he traveled to a Japanese site known for suicides. 

On Nov. 9, Paul is set to take on British YouTuber KSI in a boxing match at L.A.'s Staples Center, which will be streamed live. The two fought to a majority draw in 2018. Whatever the result, the BBC notes that both fighters will make millions, so Paul could buy more real estate if he wants.