Logan Paul drops daily YouTube vlogs, but sticks around

YouTube star Logan Paul announces a big change to his video-posting habits in typically frenetic fashion.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Fans of YouTube personality Logan Paul may have experienced heart palpitations after reading the title of his most recent upload: "The end of Logan Paul Vlogs..." 

Paul's wave of popularity and 17 million YouTube subscribers has stemmed from daily video uploads starting in late 2016. But Paul isn't abandoning his audience, just backing off from daily postings. 

In a new video posted on Monday called "Moving forward...", Paul acknowledged the clickbait-nature of the previous video's title, but reiterated his intention to end the daily vlogs.

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Paul says he intends to focus on other aspects of his media empire, like comedy sketches on Instagram and an upcoming talk show. "YouTube is not my career. This is a hobby," Paul says in the announcement video. He says he has diversified and has his "tentacles spread out in a lot of industries."

The 23-year-old incited controversy over a video posted in late 2017 showing a visit to a Japanese site known for suicides. The video included footage of a dead body and received a public condemnation from YouTube and criticism from viewers

YouTube also suspended ads on Paul's videos in February, citing a pattern of behavior related to him encouraging people to swallow Tide Pods, and also referencing a video showing him tasering dead rats.

While the daily vlogs may be over, Paul's online presence shows no sign of slowing. He still has millions of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers, a presence on live-streaming platform Twitch and a line of clothing. 

As Paul says near the end of the video, "The vlog will never be finished as long as my heart stays thumping on this goddamn planet Earth." He then suggests his fans buy a branded hoodie.

Update: April 30, 2:25 p.m. PT: Adds Paul's "Moving forward..." video clickbait mention.