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KitTea cat cafe welcomes feline friends

Cat fanciers will soon be able to share that purrfect cup of tea with cat companions at a new cafe coming to San Francisco. Pass the milk, Fluffy.

Awwww.... who wouldn't want to share a cup of tea with a kitty?
Awwww.... who wouldn't want to share a cup of tea with a kitty? Kittens in Teacups

Ever sit in a cafe and wish you were surrounded by cats staring at you while you sipped your tea? Or perhaps you wish the Kittens in Teacups blog could come to life right before your eyes? Those feline fantasies can become reality with a new cat cafe called KitTea coming to San Francisco this year.

Founded by cat enthusiasts Courtney Hatt and David Braginsky, KitTea promises to be part "gourmet tea house" and part "cat and human oasis" that will "create a Zen retreat where people and cats can hang out to the benefit of both -- through the vehicle of a teahouse."

"Patrons will partake of all the enjoyment and therapy that cats provide, while enjoying healthy blends of exotic teas that are ecologically sourced from around the world," the KitTea Web site says. "Our cats will enjoy a high-quality, elegant home constructed expressly for their pleasure."

According to the Web site, the idea for KitTea came about when Hatt stumbled upon an article about stressed-out city dwellers with demanding jobs who take refuge in cat cafes in Japan.

KitTea promises to be a tea house oasis for cats and cat lovers alike.

"That's when it hit her that a cat cafe would be a natural addition to the eclectic culture of San Francisco," according to the KitTea Web site. "That is where Asana software engineer David Braginsky came into the picture. He shared the same vision of a space where people could relax with a cup of tea and interact with cats and other cat enthusiasts."

While many cat lovers may consider this idea to be heaven, others might be concerned that keeping a bunch of kitties inside a tea house could cause fur to fly. The founders of KitTea, however, assure everyone that their cat hosts will be carefully chosen.

"Our resident cats will be selected based on their personalities and whether they have been socialized to be comfortable around both humans and other cats," the KitTea FAQ says. "We will also have a period of introduction, so the cats can get used to one another's scents, general presence and so on. Any new cat will have a slow introduction to the current cats living at KitTea. The space will also be laid out in such a way that each cat will have numerous areas to make their own territory."

While no specific location in San Francisco has been announced, the duo hopes to open KitTea's doors this year. Pass the milk, Fluffy.