Winter is coming: Suit the cat in battle armor

Turn Tigger into a warrior by dressing him in this custom-made armor. The creators say it was made with cats' comfort -- and love of "Game of Thrones" -- in mind.

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Cats already think they're Kings of your castle, and wearing this custom-made battle armor will make their claim to the throne legit.
Cats already think they're kings of your castle, and wearing this custom-made battle armor will make their claim to the throne legit. Schnabuble

Why should dire-wolves have all the fun? Now you can suit up your pet cat in custom-made flexible "Game of Thrones"-style armor that will give mice nightmares for years to come.

Andy and Barbara Fyfe, a husband-and-wife team who run the Etsy store Schnabuble, mainly sell human cosplay gear like this Kraken Reaver Helmet, Mark IV Cyber-Arm, and Waywatcher Antler Headdress. Now they sell Cat Battle Armor too.

The Cat Battle Armor sells for a hefty $500 plus shipping. It fits most adult cats, and is handmade from leather, waxed cord, nickel silver hardware, and a little elastic.

"Your cat will become an unstoppable force for slaughter in this fully articulated suit, shielding him/her from foes while allowing unimpeded movement across the battlefield or living room floor," reads a description on the shop's page.

While the armor is impressive, to say the least, it's even more impressive that the shop could convince its cat model -- a Savannah cat named Selani -- to be patient enough to wear armor suitable for any "Game of Thrones" battle, or at least a renaissance fair. The shop offers helpful advice on how to dress a cat in armor without its human friends suffering too many battle wounds in the process.

"It's all about how you approach it," the Fyfes write on their Schnabuble Etsy page. "We just took it slowly and carefully with her. While we were constructing the armor, we made sure Selani was around to get used to the look, feel, and smell of it, and gave her positive reinforcement through extra petting and treats when she approached. When we put it on her, we did it gently and over a long period of time, cuddling her in our laps and letting her move away whenever she wanted. We just had to be patient, and reward her when she helped out."

"Now she seems to genuinely enjoy wearing it -- purring and actively modeling," continued the Fyfes, who say they think the cat "also appreciates the extra insulation the leather offers. It was designed first and foremost to be comfortable for her. The leather is flexible and lightweight. She can walk, scurry, jump up on things, and has fallen asleep while wearing it."

If Cat Battle Armor isn't for you, Schnabuble also sells Coyote Face Cat or Dog Harness for $75 plus shipping.

Next up: Something Joffrey-themed?
As avid "Game of Thrones" fans, the Fyfes are considering creating another special costume just for their cat. "Selani the cat is a major 'Game of Thrones' fan, and seems to particularly relate to the Lannisters," Andy Fyfe told Crave. "Maybe it's that overwhelming sense of inborn superiority they all seem to carry around with them. Barb and I have made Jaime and Cersei costumes for ourselves, so perhaps it's time to make Selani something Joffrey-themed."

If you are cat-less but want some armor for your dogs or other animals, the Fyfes are open to suggestions for custom orders. "We'd love to make some different suits of armor for smaller dogs, rabbits... really, any animal," Andy Fyfe told Crave. "We'd be happy to make armor for anyone who'd commission some. You have a ferret? Chinchilla? Pot-bellied pig? Trained Squid? Bring it on!"

Mice and dogs alike will think twice before picking a fight with a cat wearing this battle armor for sale on Etsy.
Mice and dogs alike will surely think twice before picking a fight with a cat wearing this battle armor for sale on Etsy. Schnabuble