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Creepy recut 'It' trailer melds Dr. Seuss with Stephen King

The Cat in the Hat steps into Stephen King's world of horror in a mashup trailer that's just as unnerving as the original.

You and 21 million others have already watched the new trailer for "It," an adaptation of Stephen King's clown-filled horror novel. But someone decided the trailer wasn't horrifying enough.

YouTube user But Without has created a new version replacing Pennywise the Clown with the Cat in the Hat from the 2003 Dr. Seuss movie starring Mike Myers.

"The Cat in the Hat" was a live-action bomb, and Myers' cat makeup is plenty scary all on its own. The re-edited trailer combines footage from the 2003 movie with clips from the "It" trailer, which was released last week.

The clown shots are altered to include the Cat and it's pretty much just as frightening as the original "It" trailer when you see the weird feline popping up in the sewer and emerging in a dark basement.

But Without posted the mashup on Saturday. The new "It" arrives in theaters in September, but at least we have these trailers to tide over our nightmares.