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Is this the new PlayStation 4 Slim?

Following a report that Sony will unveil a slim, cheaper version of its PS4 console next month, a video surfaces that appears to show a leaked version of the device.


PlayStation is expected to reveal a slimmer version of its console next month at an event.

Josh Miller/CNET

Footage cropped up Monday of what's purported to be a new slim version of Sony's PlayStation PS4 console.

The video follows a Wall Street Journal article saying that Sony is expected to unveil two PS4 consoles at an event next month and reports that the console had leaked onto auction website Gumtree. The September event is expected to include the upgraded console that Sony outlined earlier this year, which is capable of 4K-resolution picture, as well as a slimmed-down, cheaper version.

A video posted on claimed to show that slim PS4 booting up, but it appears the publication has since pulled it down.

A PlayStation representative didn't respond to an email seeking comment, and CNET hasn't verified the legitimacy of device in the video.

Update 12 p.m. PT: Story updated to reflect that the video appears to have been pulled down.