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Inside CNET Labs 41: Where's my snare?

Stepford wives, Swine Flu, fake monitors and annoying old ladies. We cover it all this week.

Eminem, apparently still looking for his snare. Musician's Entourage

After the most awkward opening ever, we dive straight into a burning question fans have been wondering about for the last 40 episodes. Who are...Dong's favorite rappers? This week, the question is answered.

Although we could have just ended the episode with that earth-shattering news, no. We decided to give you more, because we care so frakking much!

I'm in a particular ornery mood having just dealt with a special little bit of BS in the form of this post. It's hard for me to even write about it without getting angry so, I won't.

To add to my insatiable appetite for anger, there's of course the Swine Flu or whatever they're calling it this week. We go on--probably a little too long honestly--about the flu and just how annoying it is. Or more accurately, how annoying the media's coverage of it is.

Dong attempts to lighten the mood and keep me from having an aneurysm by discussing the Game Booster, or as I like to refer to it, the "Computer Crippler."

Also, he speaks of beautiful visions of a Stepford-like world with programmable wives girlfriends, but ruins it with a story about old annoying ladies. Yep, we cover it all this week.

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