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British site posts video of alleged OLED monitor posted a video of what is, according to them, a 23-inch Samsung OLED prototype computer monitor, but we have our doubts.

Updated on May 4 at 11:10 a.m. PDT with an official response from the site in question.

We've now seen several LED-based computer monitors released, such as the recent Dell G2410 and G2210, and just this week someone asked when I thought we'd be seeing the first consumer OLED computer monitors.

"Not for a while," was my answer and I guess I was right. (seriously, could they have come up with a more British sounding name for a tech site?) posted a video of what is, according to them, a 23-inch Samsung OLED prototype computer monitor.

(Update: On Monday, May 4, I received an e-mail from a rep of claiming the site was misled and that the monitor in the video is in fact the Samsung P2370L, which is not an OLED monitor. The site claims it received the following quote from Samsung: "It has recently come to our attention that the Samsung P2370L Monitor we have displayed at the Grand Designs Show uses LED BLU rather than OLED technology. Samsung would like to apologise for any confusion caused. This error was caused by an internal miscommunication on our part and all press materials have since been amended to include these details.")

Looking at the video, the form factor seems to be based of on the recently released Samsung P2370, but unlike the P2370, which only includes a DVI connection, the OLED version also includes HDMI. According to the site that is.

OK, after I first posted this earlier this afternoon a colleague of mine pointed me to this site, where it claims that this video is a fake. I was dubious about the video myself mostly because i'd never heard of the site "Megawhat," the display looked way too similar to the P2370 I have sitting right here in my office and the fact that the video gives no real details about what would be a pretty significant display.

According to the Megawhat video (which comes complete with ample '90s MTV-style camera work), the alleged OLED monitor won't be going into production until sometime in 2010.

I'm awaiting an official comment from Samsung on whether this thing actually exists, prototype or not. I'll update this post when I hear back. Until then, check out the video and leave a comment on whether you think it's a fake or not.

Update: Although I haven't receive a response from Samsung, I have received