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12 indie games worth checking out right now

There are plenty of great indie games to play right now, all available at a reasonable price.

Yacht Club Games

If you think there's nothing good to play during the summer, odds are you're looking in all the wrong places. Indie games are available on every platform and a lot of these titles don't require a powerhouse PC to run them. Best of all, the majority of summer's greatest titles can be yours for a fraction of the price of a standard game.

As of now, there are a lot more indie options if you own a PlayStation product, not to mention it's never been a better time to join PlayStation Plus, which regardless of your Sony platform, offers free games each month. Microsoft offers a similar service with its Games with Gold program too, though the number of free games does not yet match those in PlayStation Plus.

I've scoured the year's best indie titles and have organized them in no particular order. Be sure to click through for the best, most affordable titles before the rush of fall games hits!

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