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Snack on Sega: Video game logo now edible in Japan

Munch on the classic video game logo in "taiyaki" snack cake form.

Sega taiyaki snack cakes are now available for a limited time in Japan.


Sega fans can now put their fandom where their mouths are by snacking on the video game company's logo itself. 

Earlier this year, Sega launched its own snack stand that sells taiyaki, a small fish-shaped cake usually filled with chocolate, custard or sweet red bean paste. 

But instead of the classic fish shape taiyaki cakes are known for, Sega is selling them in the shape of its company logo.

These Sega cakes come with either a red bean paste filling or a premium cream filling made from vanilla beans

Apparently, it took six months for the company to perfect the Sega logo taiyaki cake mold, which is created from a special iron plate.

"It was completed after about half a year of twists and turns, such as iron plate development and problem solving to accurately express the Sega logo," according to a tweet from Sega Japan

The Sega Group mission statement "Souzou ha seimei" is imprinted on the other side of the cake. The English translation is "Creation is life."

The Sega snack stand is called Sega's Taiyaki, and can be found in Tokyo's geeky Ikebukuro district. 

Fans can currently purchase the Sega logo taiyaki snack cakes for $2.70 (roughly 300 yen, £2.11, AU$3.69) each, but they'll only be available until Sept. 30.