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Homecoming season 2 on Amazon won't star Julia Roberts

The actress will reportedly only act as an executive producer for the second season of the thriller.


Julia Roberts in Homecoming.

Amazon Prime

The first season of Homecoming left us with a lot of questions. And some of them might remain unanswered forever. 

Julia Roberts won't play caseworker Heidi Bergman again, according to an exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter. She will still act as an executive producer of the Amazon Prime Video show, however, THR reports. 

The news might come as a surprise since Roberts got a Golden Globe nomination for her role in the thriller. The first season of Homecoming, based on a Gimlet Media podcast, was directed by Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail, who might have already hinted about this departure in a recent interview.

"We're working on a second season, but we have a very different trajectory for our show," Esmail told The Hollywood Reporter. "I think when I signed on, I had only listened to the first six episodes of the podcast, which is the first season, and then from there we deviated completely. The show starts out fairly close to the podcast, and in the back half of the season we really start to see the major shifts and differences from the podcast." 

So, what will happen to Walter's memories now that there won't be any Heidi to bring them back?