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High-fashion iPhone ankle holsters are both rad and ridiculous

Tres chic? Maybe. Practical? Depends on how you look at it -- or how you don't.

Put your iPhone where you can't check it all the time.

Maison Margiela

French fashion house Maison Margiela may've accidentally come up with a brilliant way to keep people from constantly checking their phones. Just stash them away on our ankles. 

Creative director John Galliano, former head designer for Givenchy and Christian Dior, presented a new runway show on July 4, and Maison Margiela released a video of the event Wednesday. Part of Paris Couture Week, the show featured some far-out fashions that'd fit into the Blade Runner franchise, but also a selection of unusual, ankle-mounted smartphone holsters.

The holsters wrap around the ankle with two arms and a strap to keep them in place. An extendable arm holds the phone out to the side. If you wore this contraption in a crowd, you'd have to be careful about knocking your phone into other people. But haute couture doesn't worry about practicality.

Maison Margiela described the runway looks as "an image of nomadic glamour" featuring "neo-digital natives." "The autumn-winter 2018 'Artisanal' Collection observes a parallel between the timeless spartan wanderer and the perpetually connected follower of the technological age," said the fashion house.

Now you can imagine a world where you have to say, "Excuse me, my ankle is buzzing. I need to take this call."