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Gucci's Star Trek-inspired fashion is sexy, sci-fi heaven

The fashion house has cracked open the vaults to serve up the glittering space monster realness we'll all be wearing in the future.

Fashion, the final frontier. 

Coco Chanel used to say, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off."

But if you're Gucci? Add some space monsters, throw in a few robots and beam everything away on a teleporter, dammit!

The iconic fashion house has released its Fall/Winter 2017 fashion campaign and it's a match made in '60s Star Trek heaven. The design house began teasing the Gucci and Beyond campaign on its Instagram yesterday, slowly revealing images of UFOs, glittered space rocks and sexy, sexy aliens in bedazzled eyeglasses. (This season's trend? Blue skin set off with a glossy red lip. A look that goes from office to Mars with ease.)  

While Chanel held its latest runway show in a fake data centre, photographer and filmmaker Glen Luchford (who shot the campaign) has gone back in time to recreate vintage sci-fi in all its low-tech, sepia-toned glory.

It's not farshun, darling. It's Martian. 

Editors' Note: Star Trek is owned by CBS, the company that owns CNET.