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Google is back on Apple Watch with note-taking app Keep

The tech giant stopped supporting Google Maps on the device in 2017.


Google Keep is a note-taking app that's now available on the Apple Watch. 


Google is back on the Apple Watch.

An updated version of Google Keep, a note-taking app, is available on all devices, including the Apple Watch, the company said Tuesday on Twitter. This marks the tech giant's return to the watch after it stopped supporting Google Maps in 2017. Engadget reported the news earlier.

The note-taking app adds notes, lists, photos and audio to keep you updated on your daily tasks. Keep works in a similar way to Siri. You can speak to your watch and set time-based or location-based reminders to pull up your grocery list when you've arrived at the supermarket, for example. You can also share notes and quickly search them using audio control.

Google removed its Maps app from the Apple Watch app store in April 2017. Amazon, eBay and Target also removed their apps around the same time. Google said then that it may support the Maps app again in the future. It was unclear why the companies stopped supporting those apps on the Apple Watch.

Google may launch its own smartwatch this year, along with a new Nest Cam, a budget Pixel 3 Lite and an updated Google Home. The smartwatch would likely be called the Pixel Watch, following Google's tech acquisition from watch maker Fossil.

Responding to a request for comment, Google pointed to its tweet about Keep's availability on the Apple Watch.