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Google Assistant spills secret access to YouTube series Impulse

Watch YouTube Red's sci-fi thriller Impulse early by talking to Google Assistant.

Google Assistant wants to be your cool insider buddy when it comes to the new YouTube Originals show Impulse. Impulse will arrive on YouTube Red on June 6, but anybody with a Google Assistant device can get early access to the pilot episode if they know what to look for. 

I tested the sequence by chatting with my Google Home Mini: "Google, talk to Impulse." It responded with a quick ad for the show's debut and then asked me for the password.

The secret password isn't so secret: It's "Henry," the name of the main character, a teenage girl (played by Maddie Hasson) who can teleport. If this sounds familiar, it's because it's based on a novel in Gould's Jumper series. (Disclosure: I train in Aikido with Steven Gould, author of the book the YouTube series is based on.) 

The Mini asked for permission to contact me through email and I quickly received a link to the unlisted first episode. 

The series trailer appeared in March, set to an atmospheric version of Blondie's song Heart of Glass. It hints at Henry's challenges with school, small-town life and the discovery of unthinkable powers that may be out of her control.

Impulse comes from Executive Producer Doug Liman (Suits, The Bourne Identity). Liman directed the 2008 movie adaptation of Gould's Jumper

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