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Give Road Trip gadget tips, get Halo codes

Daniel Terdiman embarks on Road Trip 2010 in June and wants help figuring out what kind of gadgets to bring. This could be your ticket into the Halo: Reach beta.

Help CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman figure out what gadgets he should bring on Road Trip 2010 and you could win a Halo: Reach beta code. Daniel Terdiman/CNET

If I had any doubts that you wanted Halo: Reach beta codes, they were put to rest by the responses I got over the last few days after I offered up 10 codes in return for suggestions of where I should go on my forthcoming CNET Road Trip project.

In response to my offer, I got close to 200 suggestions, many of which were terrific, and some of which I'll likely visit during the trip. And the codes lasted just hours.

Now, however, I've got 10 more Halo: Reach codes to offer you. This time, though, I'm looking for great suggestions of gadgets I should road test during the several weeks I'll be driving around the East Coast this summer, reporting, writing, and photographing many of the most interesting destinations that region has to offer.

In past years, as I've driven cumulatively more than 18,000 miles around the Rocky Mountain region, the Southeast, the Southwest, and the Pacific Northwest, I've had a wide range of gadget gear with me, including satellite phones, mobile satellite modems, portable printers, car navigators, mobile Wi-Fi hot spots, great cameras, and much more.

Now I'm deep into the planning for Road Trip 2010 and am starting to think about the kinds of technology I want to bring with me to test out. And I want your help.

What I'm looking for is the kind of gear that makes sense to bring on a road trip. Solar chargers. Electric coolers. Great GPS devices. And, yes, I'm already thinking of Apple's iPad and next-generation iPhone. So if you have an idea for a great gadget that you think would be essential to several weeks and thousands of miles on the road, I'd love to hear about it.

If you're one of the first 10 people to send me an idea for a gadget that makes sense for the trip and that I haven't already thought of myself, I've got a Halo: Reach beta code for you.

Please send your suggestions to daniel dot terdiman at cnet dot com, and if possible, include a link to the product you're recommending. Please be patient, as I expect to get dozens and dozens of responses, so it might take me a little while to read through them all. But rest assured, I will read each and every one. If you're a winner, you'll hear from me as soon as possible.

So, you have your challenge. I hope I'll soon have some good news to send your way. Good luck.