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Aussies playing, TPG paying and Telstra praying (Girt by CNET podcast 36)

IGEA releases its latest Digital Australia report with some amazing stats on Aussie gamers, TPG gets the green light for its iiNet buyout and Telstra brings the Roku down under... almost.

Each year the Interactive Gaming and Entertainment Association releases a mammoth report looking into video gaming, culture and Australia. This year's, the Digital Australia 16 report, had some killers stats about the rise of PC gaming, Australia's "broadband bottleneck" and the increasing popularity of gaming for older Australians.

The TPG buyout offer on rival ISP iiNet has got the greenlight from shareholders despite concerns from the co-founder and ex-CEO Michael Malone. Once it goes ahead, TPG will leapfrog a few spots and become the second biggest ISP in the country. Of course, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission still needs to approve the deal and that might not be a rubber stamp arrangement...

Have you been eager to get your hands on the Roku media streamer? Well prepare to (nearly) get your wish, as Telstra brings a rebranded Roku 2 to Australia as the Telstra TV. Kick your T-Box to the curb and prefer for the new world... assuming you're a Telstra customer, of course.

And Motorola fans can start saving up, as the Lenovo-owned Moto makes a push back into Australia with the new Moto G, the Moto X Play and Moto X Style all getting released sometime, somewhere and at some price.

Girt by CNET Podcast 36

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