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'Game of Thrones' Snapchat filter makes you a White Walker

You can also kill a Walker with a dragonglass dagger, but move fast -- the filter only lasts for an hour once you activate it.


Always thought I'd be House Stark, but maybe joining the White Walkers has its privileges.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

"Game of Thrones" recently gave Twitter users emoji to unlock a batch of posters showing its stars transformed by the eerie blue eyes of a White Walker. (Let's hope this doesn't really happen to Tyrion Lannister.)

Now the HBO hit is letting Snapchat users turn themselves into these icy undead -- but only for an hour.

To get the special White Walker hidden filter, click this link on your phone. Once you unlock the filter, the clock is ticking on your hour of use, so don't dawdle at taking those Snaps.

If you take a regular selfie with the filter, click on your face to activate (all while the "Game of Thrones" theme music plays) and you'll be told to open your mouth. (This destroyed my hopes of turning my cat Tango into a White Walker as she wouldn't yawn on command.) 

Once you open up, your screen will get wintry, your eyes will turn dead-blue, and icy mists puff out from your mouth. Hmm, I kinda like how creepy I look.

If you want to play a variation of Pokemon Go with a White Walker instead, use your front-facing (regular) camera and point it at anything. A snowy landscape -- and a White Walker! -- will appear, as will a dagger. 

The dagger must be made of dragonglass or Valyrian steel, as pressing on your screen lets you throw it, Pokeball style, at the White Walker. They're pretty easy to kill, but sadly, you can't use them in a battle against a Vaporeon. And depending on where you aim the camera, it can be pretty hilarious to see a White Walker standing in your bathtub, or in the neighborhood 7-Eleven candy aisle.

Once the filter was announced Monday, the Walker hordes flocked to it in droves.

"Game of Thrones" returns to HBO on Sunday. Finally.

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