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The epic 'Game of Thrones' Bastard Bowl, by the numbers

It took a crapton of stuff to make "Battle of the Bastards." Sunday's episode should be crazy.

Caution: minor spoilers ahead.

Last week's episode of "Game of Thrones" will likely feel like a calm stroll through a park (with a few ax murders thrown in) compared with what's coming this Sunday. "Battle of the Bastards" promises to be a legendary army-clashing fight as two surviving Stark kids attempt to take back the family home of Winterfell from the truly evil Ramsay Bolton.

Entertainment Weekly got a tally of the sheer numbers required to make the episode happen. The most eye-popping figures involve the 600 crew members and 500 extras needed to fill out two armies. Add 70 horses and you get a whole lot of living, breathing creatures working together for a single episode of a television series. Another impressive total involves 160 tons of gravel, which was used to combat the mud sludge created by rain at the filming location in Ireland.

The teaser trailer for "Battle of the Bastards" gives us a glimpse into how all those many extras were put to use. The battle lines are drawn and armed soldiers stretch out as far as you can see. There are plenty of arrows, shields, horses, spears and some bonus angsty glances coming from Jon Snow. We don't know who will win, but we do know it's going to be gory.