10 crazy versions of the Iron Throne from 'Game of Thrones' (pictures)

The Iron Throne rules the restroom, makes a hole-in-one, classes up a party and conquers your lawn with these wacky versions of the Westeros ruler's infamous chair.


Amanda Kooser

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Golf of Thrones

The Iron Throne was forged from the melted and twisted swords of fallen foes, but it doesn't have to be all about doom, gloom, battle and blood. There's a fun side to the imposing seat as seen in various tribute furniture creations ranging from faithful replicas to edible gingerbread to the nerdiest Iron Throne ever created.

Golf can be a brutal game, almost as brutal as the "Game of Thrones." Celebrate the darker side of the putting green with this Iron Throne crafted from 300 metal golf clubs by Direct Golf UK. A wood frame helps to hold the clubs in place. Perhaps the most challenging part of this chair is how long it will take your caddie to select the right club from the hundreds available.

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Spiky bathroom throne

Spoilers! There is a famous scene in "Game of Thrones" where Tyrion Lannister takes out his father while dad is sitting on the loo. That scene will come to mind every time you step into this over-the-top Iron Throne bathroom stall located in a bar. Propmakers Tim Baker Creations designed and built the custom toilet from plywood, plastic and foam.

3 of 10 Craptacularama

Bite the Iron Throne

Behold the power of fondant with this cake forged to look like the seat of power of Westeros. The vanilla and chocolate combination is fit for a king, even a whiny boy-king like that twit Joffrey. Sword-shaped cocktail picks add to the pointy collection, but the true star of the dessert is the mounding waves of silver fondant cut to look like melted weaponry.

4 of 10 Mike DeWolfe

Throne of Nerds

The Iron Throne is a useful concept. It's not only a chair, but it's also a symbol of your power and your unparalleled ability to conquer your enemies, even if those foes are your video-game opponents. This Throne of Nerds is made from melted keyboards, about 20 in all. It looks only slightly more comfortable to sit in than the cold metal of the real Iron Throne.

5 of 10 flaming_pele!

DIY lawn-chair throne

The Iron Throne may well be the most-coveted "Game of Thrones" prop, but it's massive and difficult for a DIYer to replicate. An Instructables user got creative, willfully cut a few corners and designed this clever Iron Throne based on a plastic lawn chair. The ingredients include foam, duct tape, yardsticks and metallic paint. It's quick and dirty, but it gets the job done.

6 of 10 PeelAndStickDecals

Worship the porcelain Iron Throne

Your bathroom might not have a lot in common with King's Landing, but don't let that stop you from adding some Iron Throne flair to your porcelain throne in the form of a wall decal. The self-adhesive vinyl decor comes from Etsy seller PeelAndStickDecals. It might not strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, but it should give "Game of Thrones" fans a good laugh every time they step into your epic restroom.

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Bean-bag Iron Throne

The Iron Throne is said to be extremely uncomfortable for your tushie. After all, it's made from cold, sharp metal. This bean-bag version is the preferred option for royalty looking for a cushier spot to rule Westeros from. The DIY project gets its sword-filled look from fabric paint. Make your own and you will instantly transform your living room into King's Landing.

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Faithful Iron Throne replica

You know you're a superfan when you drop many thousands of dollars on a 350-pound replica of the Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones." It's made from fiberglass and fire-proof resin, though there's no indication of whether or not it could hold up to dragon fire. The throne towers over all but the tallest of basketball players. Fortunately, that brat Joffrey is not included with the purchase.

9 of 10 Amawestergren/Twitter

Gingerbread throne of swords

We already met a cake made into the shape of the Iron Throne. Now make the acquaintance of this obsessively detailed gingerbread Iron Throne. Frosting helps to hold the individually crafted swords in place to make for an edible treat that is both delicious and intimidating.

10 of 10 Sarah Tew/CNET

Throne on wheels

In 2015, HBO teamed up with car service Uber to promote its new HBO Now streaming service by offering New York fans a seat on the Iron Throne. The throne-on-wheels gave riders an opportunity for a photo op, but also made for an interesting sight to see the iconic chair on display through windows while attached to the back of a truck.

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