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Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig sing in improvised Wonder Woman music video

Pure, wholesome fun.


Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig in Wonder Woman 1984.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Reviews for Wonder Woman 1984 say we can expect a fun, hopeful and neon-lit time from the sequel, which is scheduled to hit theaters and HBO Max on Christmas Day. That characterization appears to reflect what the atmosphere was like on set: Star Gal Gadot shared a behind-the-scenes video of her and co-star Kristen Wiig singing a song about the two of them having fun.

Here's the video, featuring lyrics like "We feel comfortable in total silence" from Gadot's Instagram:

The sequel to the 2017 DC hit follows a Diana Prince grieving after the loss of her love Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). Wiig plays new villain Cheetah, along with Pedro Pascal as shady businessman Maxwell Lord.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters and HBO Max (at no extra cost to subscribers) on Dec. 25.