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Roll on for less with the Onewheel Pint

A pint-size motorized scooter with a pint-size price, relatively speaking.

Mark Licea/CNET

One of my favorite new modes of personal transportation is the Onewheel+ XR,  a self-balancing one-wheeled motorized scooter that I used to terrorize the streets of New York last year. But the XR model is $1,800, a hefty price for avoiding the subway. 

Onewheel creator Future Motion has just introduced a new, cheaper version. This smaller, lighter model is called the Onewheel Pint, and it comes with a smaller price tag as well, $950. The board comes in three different colors: sage, slate and sand, with sage as a limited-edition color during the launch window. 

At a Manhattan launch event, Future Motion CEO Kyle Doerkson said he wanted a Onewheel that was more intuitive and easy for new riders. It implements a new feature called "Simplestop" that allows novice riders to tilt the board back and come to a complete stop so they can step off. Previously riders had to perform a tricky heel-raise move or just jump off the board. 

The Pint is available to preorder now and starts shipping in May. I'll be taking a test drive later this week, so stay tuned for my feet-on impressions. (Disclosure: CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.)

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