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Friday Poll: For your mom, a geeky gift?

A new cell phone or computer for mom? A Netflix account? Flowers? Just how geeky is your Mother's Day gift going to be this year?

CNET News Poll

Geek giving
How geeky will your Mother's Day gift be this year?

I'm going traditional, flowers or something. No plugs or batteries involved.
Tech Mom already uses, just better. Maybe a new cell phone or laptop.
I'm moving Mom up in the world with an upgrade. First smartphone!
My tech-savvy mom will love a new networked HDTV.
My family doesn't do tech. We think fire is magic--and it scares us.

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bouquet of roses
You could get her roses, sure, but you could also get her a smartphone.

You're reading Crave, so there's a pretty good chance you're something of a geek at heart. As such, there's a very good chance your Mother's Day gift this year will be of the tech variety, or at least have some kind of a geek slant. Because as a geek, you know that even non-geeks' lives can be better with tech.

I, for example, plan on getting my mother the boxed set of every episode of "Lost" so far, as well as a Netflix account. My friend Mike is upgrading his mother's computer with a bigger hard drive and a Blu-ray drive.

And Lindsey, a girl nerd I know, is giving her mom her first cell phone: an iPhone 3GS. Overkill? Maybe, but that's love.

So what about you, readers? Just how geeky is your Mother's Day gift going to be this year? Make your mark by voting in the poll, and give us more details in the comments section below. Maybe you need some gift ideas? Check out our Mother's Day gift ideas for moms of all stripes.