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Freakin' sweet! Family Guy games on the way

2K Games nabs license for multiple "freakin' sweet" Family Guy games; first game to appear this year.

After more than a year with nary a peep on the Family Guy games in development at 2K Games, one would be excused for thinking it perhaps went the way of the original Family Guy TV show. And one would be right, because much like the TV Show, the gaming project has returned to the public eye after a bit of a dormant stretch.

2K Games today reannounced its intentions to bring the profoundly dysfunctional Griffin family to the world of gaming, saying that it has picked up the rights to develop and publish "some freakin' sweet" games based on the TV show, starting with a current-generation console offering this year.

"The irreverent and satirical humour from Family Guy that has made the show a smash hit opens up exciting and untapped possibilities in game development," said Christoph Hartmann, managing director of 2K Games. "We are looking forward to bringing the colorful Family Guy characters to life in a one-of-a-kind action/adventure style game."

As for who the publisher has entrusted with that duty, that would be High Voltage Games. No stranger to crude, tasteless humour, High Voltage was the studio behind 2004's VU Games' crass collegiate adventure game Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude.

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