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Fortnite season 6, week 3 challenges and how to get through them quickly

The latest list of challenges has a few obstacles, but we can help you get a head start to fly through them.

Epic Games

After last week's rather unimaginative set of Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges (go here if you're not done with week 2), Epic Games has thankfully decided to make things a little more interesting for week 3. As always, you'll want to grind through the challenges to upgrade your Battle Pass tier by tier to get more of the season 6 loot.

Here are this week's challenges:

Jason Parker/CNET


  • Revive a player in different matches (0/5) 
  • Stage 1: Search a chest in Lonely Lodge (0/1) 
  • Damage trap eliminations  (0/1) - Hard 

Battle Pass

  • Stage 1: Visit Risky Reels and Wailing Woods in a single match (0/4) 
  • Hit a player with a tomato 15m away or more (0/1) 
  • Complete timed trials (0/3) Hard
  • Eliminate an opponent in different matches (0/10) Hard

How to revive players in different matches

Obviously, for this one you'll want to play multiplayer games or even 50 vs. 50 mode to have the most opportunity for reviving teammates. But recognize that you only get credit for revives in different matches, so only your first revive counts towards the goal.

How to finish stage 1: Search a chest in Lonely Lodge  

Ah yes, the fun staged challenges continue. The thing to know here is that everyone is going to be dropping into Lonely Lodge to complete them on day one, so you might wait a day or two just so you don't have as much competition at that location. From there, you'll just want to follow the directions to the next location.

How to do damage trap eliminations

This one is going to require a bit of luck because it can be hard to find damage traps. When you do, you can either booby trap your structures during endgame (which is probably how a lot of players will tackle this), but you can also be clever in how you place your traps. Ask yourself: would a player come here at this (or a later) stage of the game? If the answer is yes, place your traps in places they won't expect for the best results.

How to complete stage 1: Visit Risky Reels and Wailing Woods in a single match  

Here we have another staged quest series, but this time you have to visit two locations in a single match for each stage. Obviously it's going to matter which way the battle bus is going in your particular match, but the safest way to get through these quickly might be doing 50 vs. 50 so you don't have to worry about opponents taking you out. You could conceivably get through more stages than one in a match if you check the list to find the next location, but you'll have to be quick.


Each of the stages are close together like this one and you won't have to go to the center of each location to get credit--just within the boundaries.

Jason Parker/CNET

Hit a player with a tomato from 15m away or more

Here's a new one and it promises to be pretty easy because you can hit your teammates to get credit. You'll need the tomato emote which you can get by unlocking tier 28 of your Battle Pass. From there, either team up with a friend, or jump into a 50 vs 50 match and start hurling tomatoes at each other. Early reports say you can even complete this by slinging tomatoes in the game lobby before you get on the battle bus.  

Complete timed trials

The timed trials are back and that means you'll need to be a bit lucky with the direction of the battle bus if you want to complete more than one per match. You'll only need to complete three of the trials to complete the challenge, but there are five to choose from on the map. Here's where you can find them:


Head for these locations and look for the floating stopwatches.

Jason Parker/CNET

Eliminate an opponent in different matches

While this particular challenge is listed as a hard challenge, it probably will be pretty easy to complete organically as you play through the week. Sure, you might not get a kill in some matches, but if you're good with a gun, you should have little trouble finishing it in around 10 matches. I suggest not worrying about it and letting it happen over time.

Updated: This post was updated to make each of the challenges more accurate after they went live.