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Forget the chairs--get a massage bed

Heated shiatsu bed seems worth every penny

Anyone who's been to a mall in the last decade or so knows that massage chairs are a dime a dozen (well, maybe a few grand a dozen). But what about a massage bed? Now we're talking.

The "Heated Shiatsu MassageBed" from Relax The Back isn't just one of those vibrating quarter-operated motel beds, as its $1,995 price tag indicates. Not only does it have all the features of a fully loaded massage chair, but it also has 14 rollers made of jade. That's right, as in the jewelry.

"Since jade is known as a natural transmitter of far-infrared rays, the heat penetrates up to 3 inches deep into tired muscles to create a uniform warmth that is felt for up to one hour. The results include the reduced toxins in the body and increased circulation," according to its Web site. We can practically hear the Enya soundtrack already.