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The Cadillac of digital lounge recliners

The RelaX-I has everything for built-in entertainment, including leather

For some reason, we're always drawn to items that involve reclining. Yesterday, for example, we posted an item on an "action" lounge mat (an oxymoron?) that allows you to play games and such while lying down.

Digital entertainment recliner

Today, we're happy to follow up with the RelaX-I rocker, which Gizmag points out is an extension of Ace Bayou's line of musical rocking chairs released earlier this year. This new model is the Cadillac of entertainment laziness--a leather recliner that comes with "an optional built-in massage feature and a built-in, high-quality sound system which connects to a variety of the most popular media devices including MP3 players, gaming consoles, DVD players and most home theater systems," Gizmag says.

Tempting, but we're still holding out for one that includes a La-Z-Boy-style fridge.

(Photo: Gizmag)