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Five things you need to try in Fallout 4

Whether you're just starting out or you're the master of all you survey in the Commonwealth, here are a few things to try out in Fallout 4.

The new model Pip-Boy is amazing.


You know what it's like. It's been three days since Fallout 4 launched and you've got the custom paint job on your X-01 power armour, the beta wave tuner attached to your laser pistol and a natty Sea Captain's Hat on your head. The Commonwealth is your oyster and not even a Legendary Deathclaw can stand in your way.

Or maybe, like the rest of us, real life has got in the way and you're really just getting settled into a groove when it comes to the new Fallout game.

Either way, it's a big, wide post-apocalyptic Wasteland out there, so here a few things you may not have had a chance to try yet.

Snipe the nuke

One of the new enemies you'll encounter is the Super Mutant Suicider. While some Super Mutants favour the up-close-and-personal tango of melee combat or bringing a big gun to the fight, the Suicider has an attack that's oddly elegant in its simplicity. It runs at you as fast as it can to detonate a mini nuke in your face.

If you see one of these devious sorts before they see you, get up high (or far away) and snipe the arm holding the Mini Nuke to detonate it for fun and frivolity. Oh sure, if you can get an instant kill shot off you can pick up the mini nuke instead, but where's the fun in that?

It's the glowing thing that beeps that you want to aim for.


Build up (and up)

If expanding settlements is your idea of fun, then don't be afraid to indulge yourself in a little town planning meets Jenga. Highrise is the way to go and you can get a solid four-storey structure going with a bit of patience. There's a practical element to this too, as you'll have more room for farming. Yeah, at least that's what you'll tell yourself.

Chill out with a fun game

If you're in the mood to take your mind off the end of the world, have you considered playing a game? There are five holotape games scattered around the world, four of which are attached to copies of RobCo Fun Magazine in the classic coverdisc style.

All are based on classic game franchises. Sadly, it's the only benefit of RobCo magazine, with it being one of the few mags not to offer a new ability for your character.

"My backpack's got jets!"


Take a jetpack joyride

It's the future right? There may not be flying cars, but there sure are jetpacks! Not only are there jetpacks, but there are a few areas and bits of loot that you can't access without one.

So how do you get one? Well first and foremost the jetpack is a mod for your Power Armour, so you'd better make sure you've got some. Then, make sure you're allied with the Brotherhood of Steel. Complete a few quests for them and you'll get slipped the jetpack mod as a thank you from one of the head honchos.

"Your wife is dead Rick!"


Re-create your own scene from The Walking Dead

Bear with me here, because this is slightly cruel and hilariously fun. Next time you encounter a mob of feral ghouls (and yes, they mob together) try this move for your own private Rick Grimes moment.

Using VATS, shoot out the legs of as many ghouls as possible. This stops them from being Usain Bolt with a taste for flesh, but it won't stop them. After the cordite (or hyper-ionised air) clears, you'll have a snarling pack of zombies slowly crawling towards you. Feel free to deliver the coup de grace in whichever manner you choose. I recommend a sword, if you've managed to find one.