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Fan gives 'Doctor Who' the strangest regeneration yet

YouTube user Dave Clipson used a fairly intricate process to blend the faces of all 13 Doctors together to create the average face. The result is a little creepy.

What do you get when you take the faces of every actor who has played The Doctor from the BBC's long-running series "Doctor Who" and mashed them together to create one super-Doctor? That's the question YouTube user Dave Clipson set out to answer, and he's released a video that definitively shows the average face of the first 13 Doctors.

To accomplish such a feat, Clipson used complicated algorithms to create an average face of the '60s-'90s Doctor, and one for the modern Doctor (including the "War Doctor" introduced in the "The Day of the Doctor" episode). Then, he mashed those two together in such a way that the resulting composite image was exactly one-thirteenth of each Doctor who has played the role. And, as you might expect, the resulting image of the Doctor is a little creepy and in desperate need of a haircut.

Fortunately, such a man doesn't (hopefully) exist, and we'll soon see a much more normal-looking Peter Capaldi doing the awkward dad dance as the Twelfth (or Thirteenth) Doctor in Season 8 of "Doctor Who," which airs on the BBC beginning August 23 in the US and UK.

This is what the Average Doctor looks like. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

(Via Laughing Squid)