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Fallout 76 bundle with white Xbox One X up for preorder now

Plus, the bundle includes BETA access to the game.


Don't venture out of Vault 76 with boring old gear! 

Microsoft is bundling a new, ready-to-get dirty white 1TB Xbox One X with the hotly anticipated game and early access to Fallout 76 via the Xbox BETA (Break-It Early Test Application) program. Preorders for the Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition Fallout 76 Bundle start today for $500, with a scheduled ship date of Nov. 16.

You can only order it online. That means you probably can't get a financed version through Xbox All Access, since that requires a walk-in to a Microsoft Store. But it does come with one-month free trials of Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. The bundle also includes the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (White Special Edition), but you can order that separately for $150 if you want. 

Microsoft and Turtle Beach also announced the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 with SuperAmp Pro Performance Gaming Audio System for Xbox One -- in white, of course -- for another $250. The Bluetooth amp can simultaneously stream music and take calls while you're gaming.

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