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Equifax hackers took driver's license info on 10M Americans

The attackers also took more than 145 million Social Security numbers, along with other pieces of personal info.

James Martin/CNET

In the Equifax breach, hackers stole the driver's license information of more than 10 million Americans, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

That's in addition to the Social Security numbers and other personal details about 145.5 million Americans hackers took from Equifax's systems. The company said the stolen data included driver's license information, but it didn't say for how many people. What's more, Equifax said Tuesday that 15.2 million records on more than nearly 700,000 UK consumers were also compromised.

Information from a driver's license includes a home address and the driver's height and weight, not to mention the driver's license number. These pieces of data would make a potential identity thief's job easier. The richly detailed consumer records were stolen between May and the end of July this year by hackers who cracked into Equifax's systems by taking advantage of an unpatched software bug, the company said.

Equifax didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on the number of US driver's license records or UK consumer records the hackers stole. The company announced last week that the total number of Americans affected was 145.5 million, not 143 million as it first announced. It also said it was notifying an unspecified number of UK residents by mail that they were affected in some way by the breach.

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