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Enhancia Ring takes your music to 11 with a finger flick

The connected MIDI controller ring enhances how you play music.


The Enhancia Ring is a MIDI controller for your finger.

Josh Miller/CNET

Digitally controls for music are nothing new, but having them built into a ring is. At a booth in an Mandalay Bay Hotel CES exhibition hall, a man is rocking out on a keyboard. On his right hand is a ring with a black stone on it. After a few bars of music, he rolls his right hand off the keyboard and the pitch of the last note he played changes. It becomes clear that his ring isn't a piece of hip rock-and-roll jewelry but rather a MIDI controller called the Enhancia Ring.

MIDI controllers allow a musician to add effects or trigger sequences while they are playing music live. Different movements can be set up to enable different effects. Plus, it looks pretty badass seeing someone modulate a chord by lifting their hand dramatically through the air.

The Enhancia Ring being shown at CES was tethered, but the company Enhancia that makes the ring hopes to have a fully wireless version available for a Kickstarter campaign this spring.

Pricing has not been announced but should be between €200-300, which converts to $240-$360, £175-£265, AU$305-AU$460.

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