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EB Games implements 'Fast Pass' system for Xbox One launch

As part of its array of midnight launch events for Xbox One, EB Games will have a priority queue for people picking up their fully paid consoles.

EB Games is certainly no stranger to launch events, but it's been a while since the gaming store franchise has played host to a new console like the Xbox One.

(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

EB will hold a staggering 317 midnight openings for the Xbox One's launch on 22 November and 352 breakfast events. There will also be six official launch events at the following stores:

  • EB Helensvale, QLD

  • EB Tea Tree Plaza, SA

  • EB Knox City, VIC

  • EB MacArthur, NSW

  • EB Werribee, VIC

  • EB Rockingham, WA (Breakfast)

With such a high volume of attendees expected, EB Games will use a "Fast Pass" system for people picking up their consoles. If you've fully paid off an Xbox One before launch, then you'll be able to pick up a Fast Pass until 5pm on the day before launch.

Simply present that pass at the event, and you'll be put in a priority queue to get your console. You can find more details on the individual store opening times via the new EB Games event hub.