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E3 2016: Sunday's biggest news

There was a lot of news on Sunday, so we've rounded up all the most important stories here!

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Sunday was a big day at E3 2016. We refer to it here as "Day Zero," but in reality it was a huge news day. EA and Bethesda both had their conferences and showed off awesome new games, and between them a lot of other news broke, too. If you happened to miss the stories yesterday, we've rounded up the most important ones here!

A Day of leaks

Much to Microsoft's chagrin, a lot of the news from its Xbox press conference leaked early, and its official statement reflected the irritation. But it wasn't just Microsoft that got hit by leaks: Ubisoft and EA both had their fair share, as well. Take a look at our roundup for more about what has been dubbed "Leaky-3."

EA press conference

On a more traditional note, EA held a press conference and showed off a lot from its upcoming games.

Get the complete recap of everything from EA's press conference here, and see all the trailers from it here.

Bethesda press conference

Bethesda, too, held a press conference, though a number of its announcement were leaked ahead of time.

You can check out everything announced at the Bethesda conference here, and see all of the trailers from it here.