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DS top-selling game device in Australia between April and June

Nintendo DS sales in Australia almost equal to all three next-gen consoles combined; PS3 top-selling new console.

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia made some bullish statements last week about the PlayStation 3 outselling both the Wii and Xbox 360 in Australia week-on-week since its March 23 launch, and now industry trackers GfK Australia have confirmed the positive news for the PS3. Recently released GfK figures show that the PS3 was indeed the top-selling next-generation console in Australia in the last three months, but not by much.

Between April and June 2007, Sony sold 27,645 PS3s down under. The Nintendo Wii was just behind, selling 26,676 units in the same three month period. The Xbox 360 came in third at 21,440 units. The PS3 has now sold 54,728 units since its launch this year, while the Nintendo Wii has sold 106,538 since its December 7, 2006, debut down under. The Xbox 360 was launched in Australia on March 23, 2006, and has so far sold 181,561 consoles.

But when all game devices are taken into account, the real winner down under is Nintendo. GfK figures show that the Nintendo DS sold 74,435 units in Australia between April and June 2007, almost as much as all three next-generation consoles combined. The aging PS2 was the second most popular in the same period, with 45,492 units sold. The PSP, on the other hand, was the lowest-selling game device, selling 20,068 between April and June.

Latest GfK figures have also confirmed the PS2's massive install base in Australia since its launch--there are now 2,052,193 PS2s down under. The PSP, by comparison, has sold 288,757 units since its release on September 2005, while the DS has sold 589,873 in total since its February 2005 debut.

Full figures can be found below:

Sales between April and June 2007
Nintendo DS: 74,435
PlayStation 2: 45,492
PlayStation 3: 27,645
Nintendo Wii: 26,676
Xbox 360: 21,440
PSP: 20,068

Launch-to-date sales
PlayStation 2: 2,052,193
Nintendo DS: 589,873
PSP: 288,757
Xbox 360: 181,561
Nintendo Wii: 106,538
PlayStation 3: 54,728

All figures courtesy of GfK Australia.