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Download the CNET app for Xbox 360 today

CNET's app for the Xbox 360 is now available to download in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Do you have an Xbox 360? Are you in the UK, Ireland, Australia, the US, Canada or New Zealand? Great news -- we've released an Xbox app just for you. The CNET app, available to download now from the Xbox Live Marketplace, lets you watch all the amazing videos on while you're sat on your sofa having a cup of tea.

Right now, the app is stuffed full of all the great product videos from CES, plus the episode of the CNET UK podcast the UK team recorded on the CNET stage and the British Are Coming tech panel.

You'll also be able to catch up with the latest episodes of Always On with Molly Wood, CNET on Cars with Brian Cooley, CNET Update with Bridget Carey and much more besides from the team.

With plans to add the videos from CNET UK to the mix sometime soon, why not download the app today and give it a whirl? Here's a video from Brian Tong that explains more: